2013 Alaska Salmon Fishing Season

Hi everyone,
three men showing the fish caught 2013 Alaska salmon fishing seasonon Kenai River Silver SalmonWell the 2013 Alaska fishing season has come to a end; old man winter is bearing down hard on us here on the Kenai.  It’s time to winterize the boats and put the gear away. Here is a quick recap of our 2013 Alaska fishing season. We started off with unusually cold conditions in May and the Kenai and Kasilof rivers were very low and clear. As spring was late so were the King Salmon, so the first couple weeks in may were pretty slow fishing.

Then in June all of the sudden it got really warm.  All of June and July we had record setting temperatures with many days in the 80’s. This is very uncommon for us here on the Kenai Peninsula. The snow and glacier melt started arriving big time.  We went from low water to very high water almost overnight. As for the King Salmon fishing  I would call it a below average year overall, but we did still have some very good weeks of King Salmon fishing both on the Kenai River and the Kasilof River.

In August the high water continued but the fishing was just incredible. We had one of the best Silver Salmon runs on the Kenai river that we have seen in many years! It was just fantastic fishing. September, although not as hot as August, still was great fishing with limits of nice big Silver Salmon almost everyday. The Rainbow Trout fishing was decent but never really got red hot most likely because of the high-water conditions that we had all fall.

Anyway that is a brief summary of the 2013 season here on the Kenai. As many of you know I will be heading south in a couple weeks. I’ll be starting my winter fishing season on the flats and backcountry of Pine Island Sound in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. and I am very excited about that.

Last year in November and December the fishing was very good.  And from what I understand, the fishing is very good there already!  So I can’t wait to get there. Tee shirt, shorts, flip flops and great fishing sounds very darn good after some of the cold Alaska fall days I have fished lately.

If you have not yet fished in Fort Myers with me I strongly recommend you give it a try. It’s great place to vacation and the fishing is very good as well. We will be targeting Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Snook as well as many other saltwater species that frequent the flats and mangroves of Pine Island Sound.  And of course this Spring we will be chasing the mighty Tarpon which migrate to the area sometime in March or early April.

Okay everyone that is all I have for now thanks for helping make 2013 Alaska salmon fishing a success and I hope to see you in Fort Myers.

A beautiful sunrise on the kenai river during the 2013 Alaska fishing season
Sunrise on the Kenai River

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