Alaska Fishing Season Ends on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula

Before the season ended, we had catches of fantastic Silver Salmon on the fishing trips on the Kenai  River and the Kasilof  River.  In August and September this year we caught some of the largest Silvers we’ve seen in many years.

About Silver Salmon

Adult Silver Salmon usually weigh 8 to 12 pounds and 24 to 30 inches.  Adult Silvers in salt water or just returning to fresh water are bright silver with small black spots on the back. They can be identified from Chinook salmon by the lack of black spots on the lower lobe of the tail. Chinook have small black spots on both tail fin lobes and have black gums.
Silver Salmon are found in our  coastal waters from Southeast to Point Hope on the Chukchi Sea and in the Yukon River to the Alaska-Yukon border. They’re extremely adaptable and can be found in most bodies of fresh water that can be reached from the sea.

Goodbye until Next Year

It’s getting chilly here in Alaska at season end. However, as long as the weather continues to be mild, I will continue fishing for the next couple weeks.

Call me for a great fishing trip.

Four guys and their catch of 12 Silver Salmon - Alaska fishing season ends
A Bunch of Big Silver Salmon


Jim Rusk

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