Alaska Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Alaska for trout and King salmon is talked about in hushed whispers by those who fly fish.  The fly fishermen are the Intrepid and fearless anglers spend every spare minute of their lives fishing in seas, rivers, brooks and lakes preparing themselves for Alaska.  When they feel they’re ready, they come here to test their skill against the mighty Kenai King Salmon and our spirited Lake Trout.

Alaska fly fishing in a boat
Fly Fshing on The River

Time,  patience, and dexterity are needed just to learn to be reasonably good at fly fishing.   Hours, days, weeks, years are spent practicing their skills by fly fishermen .  They want to be at their peak fly-fishing performance when they meet the monster fish of their dreams. These anglers scorn those anglers who use bait for fishing.  And the purest of fly fishermen are not satisfied to buy flies; they insist on making every fly themselves. They don’t want to catch their dream fish on somebody else’s fly!!



Vise for making fly fishing fliesAnd they don’t easily share their fishing secrets, not even with their closest friends and certainly not with their relatives.  Why not with their relatives?  Because these are the folk who have baited them (pun intended) mercilessly over the years because of the time they spend in cold, dangerous waterways chasing elusive fish.  These anglers long for the day when they can show them their world fly fishing award and shut them up forever.

Fly fishing is rumored to be the fastest-growing fishing sport in the world. Recently I read there are over 3 million adults and children who are practicing the sport in the North America.  Anglers spend millions of dollars each year on the latest fishing tackle and on trips to faraway places.

The best place in the world  to practice your fly fishing skills is on Alaska’s Kenai River.  The heaviest concentration of King salmon pass through the Kenai River. Early August is the best time to salmon fish. You’ll also hook into Sockeye and Coho.

Jim Rusk Fishing – Alaska Fly Fishing Guide.  I was Born On the River.


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