Alaska Halibut Fishing

Alaska’s  Halibut Fishing !!!!!


Each spring Halibut move into Alaska’s Cook Inlet to both spawn and feed. They range in size from 5lbs to 300lbs when you drop your bait down your just never sure what your going to get. That, in my opinion,  makes it very exciting. Typically Alaska Halibut Fishing is very productive  and  they are fairly easy catch.   You wont always find the big ones but if conditions are okay you should get your limit without too much trouble. Halibut are a favorite fish for the dinner table consisting of a very mild white meat that even the most fickle fish eaters will enjoy. If your planning a Alaska fishing trip with us I definitely recommend a day of Halibut fishing.  However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  A day on the ocean fishing for Halibut can be quite physical. A combination of often turbulent seas and deep water fishing with heavy rods in a stand up style fishing can be exausting. I do think it’s a great experience but just make sure it’s something you are physically capable of doing. Most of my customers prefer to only fish one day for halibut and spend the rest of the time fishing on the rivers.

alaska-halibut-fishing - Man and a halibut Alaska-halibut-fishing:  Jim and his son holding halibut they caught Enormous halibut hanging between two men
alaska-halibut-fishing:  Eight halibut catch

Alaska halibut fun to catch and great to eat !!!

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