Alaska Wildlife on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers

Alaska wildlife is renowned worldwide.  The Kenai peninsula, home to the famous Kenai River and Kasilof River, has as much wildlife as any region of Alaska.

The two rivers are famous for salmon and trout fishing ,but you can encounter an abundance of wildlife while fishing and visiting this wonderful part of Alaska.  Yesterday, while guiding a father and two sons down the Kasilof River to fish for King Salmon a young bull moose came down to the river.  He cautiously waded in the water and swam across directly down stream of our boat.

Alaska wildlife - Mooseswimming  in the river
Bull Moose Swimming

Dad looks at me and says “Wow! You don’t see Alaska wildlife like that every day”.  But we weren’t finished yet with the animals of the wild in Alaska.  Further down the river we watched a large Bald Eagle fly over us. He swooped down and snatched a sea run Dolly Varden from the water – very cool!

Next we came across an Alaska beaver swimming not more than ten feet from our boat.  He hung around long enough for my customers to get some very close up pictures. Further downstream we saw another large Bald Eagle fly over with a huge load of nest-repairing materials. He landed in his nest where Mom was waiting.

Finally as we were rowing out to end the day, more wildlife arrived.  A large flock of sandhill cranes flew directly over us.

These were the wildlife highlights but we also viewed diving arctic terns and gulls, sea ducks, numerous other eagles. And by the way during all this wildlife viewing we did catch one King Salmon and four sea run Dolly Varden. In all, a great day on the water here on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Come fish with Jim Rusk Fishing Alaska and enjoy the wildlife of Alaska at the same time.

Alaska wildlife - a beaver
Alaska Beaver


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