Kasilof Drift Boat Fishing

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Drift Boat fishing is one of the coolest of fishing trips on the Alaskan rivers for expert anglers and novice anglers.  And let’s face it we fishing guides love it too.  The anglers come to the Kenai Peninsula to catch the King Salmon and the Silver Salmon and they will catch them with our help. We fish with them in powerboats and they get to have the exhilarating experience of having a huge King Salmon on the line.   But drift boat fishing is another experience entirely.  Anglers get to experience salmon fishing like the people of old who fished for their food before powerboats were invented.

Try the drift boat style of fishing!!  I think you’ll find is a really interesting way to catch fish.  I highly recommend spending a day or two drifting on the Kasilof River with me. I’ve been drift boat fishing for longer than I can remember.

Drift boat on the river . Five men drift boat fishing.. One holding a net ready to net a salmon on the line
Drift boat fishing

The drift boat experience is so quiet and quiet and peaceful.  You’ll see more wild life because there are no noisy motors to scare the animals and birds.  I love the Kenai River and I love my power boat but it’s so nice to be in drift boat from time to time.  It’s just a great way to chase the fish, and my big, 20ft Willie is a very comfortable boat to fish from.  You’ll have fun.

We fish in the drift boat on the Kasilof River for Silver Salmon in August and September.  We fish the lower Kasilof  River in August, starting at the Sterling Highway Bridge and floating down with the tide to just above Cook Inlet.

Then in September we drift boat fish the upper Kasilof River starting at Tustumena Lake and floating down to the Sterling Highway Bridge Both sections of the Kasilof are really delightful stretches of water.

Lets go drift boat fishing on the Kasilof together this summer in Alaska!  I guarantee you’ll love it.

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