Hi everyone well fishing season is just around the corner here on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, and this year we have decided to offer you a great deal on a first run king salmon package good for both the Kenai River and the Kasilof River. So here it is if you book a 5 day trip with us in the months of may or June for a party of two or more we will throw in the fifth day free, wow that is a great deal. If you have never been to the Kenai in May or June I highly recommend it, the rivers are very nice this time of year you can expect a very enjoyable experience with beautiful chrome bright King Salmon just in from the ocean. ¬†Also we typically don’t have the heavy traffic on the rivers that we will expierience in July.which makes for a peaceful and enjoyable time. Also If your concerned with saving a few bucks you will find everything is a better value your car rental your lodging yor air fare all will be more affordable compared to peak season. So anyway that is it book five days pay for four may or June!

Kasilof River king salmon fishing

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