Hi everyone well I’m happy to report the 2020 fishing season has begun here on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. After a long Alaska winter it feels so good to be back on the water fishing. I have already done several Lake Trout trips and one King Salmon trip. The Lake Trout fishing has been very good and in fact our last trip out to the lake was very good landing a large number of beautiful Lake Trout. Yesterday we did our first King Salmon trip of the year on the Kasilof River and although the wind was blowing which always makes fishing in the drift boat challenging we were able to catch a beautiful chrome bright King Salmon and had a chance at another one. We also saw several other King Salmon caught so the King Salmon are starting to hit the rivers and the fishing should improve every day now a we get closer to peak season for our first run King Salmon. Reports from the Saltwater have been very good for both King Salmon and Halibut so that is very good news. I have not got any King Salmon reports from the Kenai River yet but I’m sure they are in there and I would guess we will start to get reports of King Salmon catches from the Kenai River this week. Well that is the fishing report here on the Kenai Peninsula, the Lake Trout fishing is great and the King Salmon fishing is just getting started and likely to improve daily on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers so lets go fishing!


Lake Trout Fishing

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