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Welcome to the Kasilof River Fishing Guide Jim Rusk here. If you are looking for a first class Kasilof River fishing trip this summer, you’ve come to the right place. The Kasilof River is located just 11 miles south of the Kenai River on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula in the south-central region of Alaska. 

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Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula

Kasilof River Fishing

Discover the hidden wonders of the Kasilof River. Located just 11 miles off the Kenai!

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Find out whats happening on the Kenai River, Kasilof River and other fishing locations from a professional Kenai River fishing guide.

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Come drift boat fishing on Kasilof

One of the special things things about the Kenai peninsula is the Kasilof river. The Kasilof starts at the mouth of Tustemena Lake, one of Alaska’s largest glacial lakes, and then spills west into the Cook Inlet. 

We fish the Kasilof in drift boats and leave the outboards back on the Kenai. With no power boats on the river the fishery is relaxing. The Kasilof also tends to get less angler pressure than it’s “Big Brother,” which lends itself to a more tranquil experience. 

The Kasilof is a short tidal influenced river, so we almost always catch chrome bright Salmon fresh from the ocean.  These fish are hard fighting and great eating.

Being a less-trafficked river, the Kasilof provides many great chances to view wildlife like moose and eagles. 

All in all, the Kasilof is just a great river. If you’re planning trip to the Kenai Peninsula, a day or two fishing the Kasilof River is a great option!

About Jim Rusk Fishing Alaska

I am a lifetime Alaskan I was born in Soldotna and have been fishing the Kenai River, Kasilof River, and other local waters all my life. 

I started Jim Rusk Fishing in 1987 and take great pride in providing high quality fishing charters here on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula we use top of the line Willie Boats and only the best equipment. No one will work harder to make your Alaska fishing trip the best it can be!

Kenai and Kasilof Rivers Fishing Equipment – Only the Best

  • At Jim Rusk Fishing we use top quality, proven fishing equipment.
  • Fishing the Kenai River and the Kasilof River demands the use of High Quality Boats.
  • Fishing the Kenai River and the Kasilof River demands the very best fishing equipment.  At Jim Rusk Fishing
  • We spare no expense to ensure you fish  and with the very best!  We use Willie Boats. They are hand crafted fishing machines.

Guiding Fishing Charters

We can customize a Guided Fishing Trip just for you. We can also help you get the lodging that best meets the needs of you and your party. Customer service is our number one priority when we guide anglers that visit the Kenai peninsula. We do whatever it takes to make sure you will have the best experience possible while fishing with us.

If you are not catching fish, not much else matters. With Jim Rusk Fishing Kenai Fishing Guide you are guaranteed fishing with only the best  guides that have years and years of experience.


I encourage anyone coming to Alaska Kenai Peninsula to please check references on whomever you choose to go with.  We have an extensive repeat clientele and can provide customer names and phone numbers from all over the country. 

Kenai River Fishing

The Kenai is a glacier fed river that has been undergoing a cycle of water level changes for millions of years. It’s a river that drains the glaciers of the central Kenai Peninsula region.

Kasilof River Fishing

Drift Boat fishing in a big Willie boat is a must-do on a fishing trip to Alaska. Anglers come to the Kenai Peninsula to catch big King Salmon and big Silver Salmon.

Alaska Fishing

The Kenai River is the most popular sport fishing destination in Alaska, particularly for King salmon, also known as Chinook salmon. Each year we have two runs each of King Salmon, Silver Salmon, red salmon, plus a run of pink salmon every second year. Occasionally there will be reports of catches of Steelhead Trout.

Alaska Wild Life

The Kenai peninsula, home to the famous Kenai River and Kasilof River, has as much Alaska wildlife as any region of Alaska. And Alaska is famous for its abundance of wild life . While fishing we have seen moose, bear,  eagles, beavers, cranes, ducks and every wild creature of Alaska.  The two rivers are most famous for salmon and trout fishing ,but you can encounter many types of wildlife while fishing and visiting this wonderful region of Alaska.