Kasilof Silvers

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Kasilof Silver Salmon

Kasilof River Slivers


september silvers 003 (2)Kasilof  silvers are one of my favorite trips of the year.We are generaly fishing in little or no current and very shallow water when these 8 to 15 pound bright chrome silvers hit they just explode and go nuts,If youve never done kasilof silvers you owe it to yourself to give it a shot its salmon fishing at its best.


Another thing that makes Kasilof River silvers special is the driftboat it’s so nice and quiet and peaceful out there, I love the Kenai and my power boat but it is nice to be in drift boat from time to time it’s just a great way to fish. My big 20ft willie is a vary comfortable boat to fish out of with lots of room.  We fish the Kasilof River for Silvers in August and September In august we fish the lower Kasilof  putting in at the sterling highway bridge and floating down to tide water just above Cook Inlet. Then in September we will fish the upper Kasilof River putting in at Tustemena lake and floating down to the sterling highway bridge, both sections are really nice pieces of water.

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