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Kenai River Fishing CHarters

The Kenai River is located on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula in the south-central region of Alaska. It flows from its head waters at Kenai Lake all the way down to Cook Inlet. The Kenai has three distinct sections: the Upper, Middle and Lower. Each section has it’s own unique character and offers a different angling experience.

May, June & July

King Salmon

A typical King weighs 20-50 pounds. The Lower Kenai is well known for its run and the size of its King Salmon.

 June, July & August

Sockeye Salmon

Red Salmon are the premier salmon for eating, canning and smoking. They also provide one of our most unique fishing experiences.

 August, September & Qctober

Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon runs begin in early August and continue to October. Silver Salmon are especially fun to catch.

Kenai River Fishing Season

The Kenai fishing season begins in early May as the first King Salmon begin to enter the river. We continue to fish for King Salmon all the way through the end of July. Starting August 1st, we begin targeting Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon, and Rainbow Trout. We fish them until the weather gets too cold, typically around mid-October.

The Kenai is a glacier fed river and as such is ever-changing. It starts very low in the spring and slowly rises all summer as glaciers melt. The Kenai will reach its fullest sometime in late August or early September.

The Kenai River Fishing Experience

Because of the river’s glacial origins, it has a very unique turquoise color, especially in the upper and middle portions. Just as your breath is being taken away by the beauty of the river, you’ll be stunned by the Kenai’s residents. 

Wildlife is as abundant along the river as it is in the River. On your fishing trip you’ll likely spot a moose, a bald eagle – maybe even a bear. It’s all waiting for you at the end of a simple drive; no bush plane required!

Anglers fishing The Kenai will find the town of Soldotna is very convenient place to stay. Soldotna is a short three hour drive south of Anchorage with great access to Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and of course incredible fishing. 

Jim Rusk Fishing has been guiding anglers on the Kenai Peninsula since 1987. We would love to have the chance to take you fishing this summer in Alaska. Whether it’s King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly varden, Arctic Char or Lake Trout you’re after, we target them all.

The Kenai River has incredible runs of King Salmon, Silver Salmon and Rainbow Trout. As a lifelong Alaskan and Kenai resident, I’ve been fishing these rivers since I was a young boy, I know the river like the back of my hand, if you come fish this world-class fishery, you won’t be disappointed. 

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