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Kenai River Sockeye fishing

Kenai King Salmon

June 1st – August 31th

Full Day – starting at $275/seat

Half Day – starting at $150/seat

Ready For Your Sockeye Fishing Charter?

The Sockeye Salmon always have a huge turn out in the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. The Sockeye are every bit as beautiful as they are feisty and are sure to give you a fishing trip you wont forget.

Sockeye Salmon Fishing Rates

Sockeye Salmon

June - August


/per person

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Fast action, hard fighting and great tasting; Alaska’s Sockeye Salmon won’t disappoint!

Each year, Sockeye Salmon make their return to the Kenai Peninsula Rivers in large numbers. This provides local Alaskans and traveling anglers with a great opportunity to harvest some amazing table fare. 
Sockeye have bright red meat which is firm and high in omega 3 oils; the perfect fish to harvest for the freezer. They’re also a smaller catch, generally weighing between 5 and 10 pounds. However, don’t let their size trick you in to thinking they’re an easy catch. Sockeye Salmon are one of the hardest fighting fish out there and will rival any fish pound for pound. 
If your timing is right and the Sockeye are in, I highly recommend a fun and exciting day of Sockeye Fishing!

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