KenaiTrophy Trout

Fishing the World Famous Kenai River

Kenai River Rainbow Trout

Let’s chase some monster Rainbows on the Kenai this fall !!!


Kenai River Rainbow Trout is one of my favorite trips that I offer as a fishing guide. The Kenai has world class trout fishing and each fall the fishing lives up to it’s reputation as one of the best Rainbow Trout fisheries in the world. It is not uncommon to have very high catch numbers with constant non stop action all day.Even when conditions are less than perfect you can still produce good numbers of fish, its just a great fishery. The Kenai River must just be perfect breeding grounds and habitat for trout as our resident population of trout has to be incredible. A combination of large numbers of spawning salmon in the fall and salmon fry in the spring and summer,these trout always have a good food supply. Also the size of our Rainbows is very impressive we catch alot of really big bows im talking 10 plus pounds big!



We also have large populations of Arctic Char and dollyvarden that we catch while on our trout fishing trips. These guys are great fish to catch also and can reach goodsize as well. Another thing I love about the trout fishing is the amazing fall colors that are out in august andseptember, it just makes for a great trip hot fishing beautiful fish fall colors it is awsome!

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