Lets explore the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Together !!!!



Come and explore the awsome beauty of The Kenai Peninsula’s Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Just another way to spend one of your days in Alaska with Jim Rusk Fishing.

Store your fishing gear in JB Stor N’ Lok storage units while you hike.

We have an amazing variety of hikes to pick from from: steep and challenging mountain hikes to meandering valley trails. We can provide day outings for all ages and physical abilities. This is a great day option if your wanting to add some variety to your week of fishing. The refuge is home to many species of wildlife and our day hikes offer a great chance to see things like Eagles, Moose, Sheep and Mountain Goat to name a few.


Hiking the refuge is one of my favorite activities here in Alaska.  We are very lucky to have so many wonderful hiking trails to choose from. The scenery in spring, summer and fall is just incrededible. This is one of my favorite trip options and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


World-Class hiking awaits on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula !!!