Alaska Salmon Cooking

Salmon it’s what’s for dinner !!!


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 Alaska Salmon cooking. Salmon is a wonderful fish for the dinner table and I would like to share a few tips with you that will help ensure you success when preparing this wonderful fish. First of all you need to start with a good product meaning a well taken care of wild caught fillet of salmon the farmed stuff in my opinion isn’t not any good. Next when the fish is first landed it must be properly bleed, to accomplish this while the fish is in the net and still in the water with a knife slit the gills and let all the blood drain out before bringing it on board, this keeps the blood from tainting the meat of the fish. Next the fish should always be filleted or cleaned as soon as possible. After the fish has been filleted if it is going to be frozen do not wash with water or it will not keep as nice in the freezer. When packaging the best way to go is vacuum sealing which you can do yourself however I prefer having mine done at a commercial fish processing facility the quality of the process is far superior to the home sealers you get a better seal and better bag quality,Which will preserve your catch longer without freezer burn which ruins the taste. When your ready to prepare your salmon always thaw out your fish slowly do not put in water just put your fillet in the fridge the day before or morning before you want to cook. If your baking or grilling always place on tinfoil skin side down this keep the fillet from falling apart when the fish is cooked simply slide spatula between the skin and meat the skin will stay on the tinfoil. If you want smaller pieces for say fish and chips or fish taco’s then go ahead and remove skin prior to cooking,also before cooking it’s nice to remove the pin bones this is a bone that runs vertically down the center of the fillet they can easily be removed with a small pair of needle nose pliers it takes a few extra minutes but it’s nice to not have to worry about bones when your eating the fish. Now this is the biggest tip that I can give you salmon dries out very easy so you must be very careful not to over cook no one enjoys over cooked fish you want it to remain moist so when your cooking constantly be checking as soon as the meat starts to flake apart at all remove from heat as it will still continue to cook for a few minutes. Well I hope you will find these hints helpful as salmon is such wonderful table fare there are so many great recipes out there you will be amazed what you will find on the internet if you search salmon recipes so get out there on the water catch some salmon and have some great and healthy meals and you too can enjoy Alaska Salmon cooking.

Super healthy and very tasty take some home this summer !!!