Karakoram Fishing –  snowboard bindings

Three Karakoram Fishing guys with nine Kenai River sockeye. Karakoram fishing with the split snowboard  bindings guys on the Kenai River.  We had a great week of fishing and we had more fun than I can take.  Two more weeks to go of King Salmon fishing.

The King salmon fishing was good on the on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fishing was okay on Thursday and slow on Friday and Saturday. We should see fishing continue to improve and some big fish showing up in the coming weeks.

The big run of Sockeye salmon have not arrived at the Kenai River yet. However, enough Sockeye came in the river this week that the guys were able to catch some nice fish to take home.

I think there will be a big run in the Kenai this week. Silver salmon season is nearly here and I am very excited about that. I love Silver season! King salmon fishing Karakoram Fishing

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