Kasilof River Fishing June 2013

Little girl in a boat on a lake with mountains in the background
On the Kasilhof River

We’ve been Kasilhof River fishing in late June.  Since my last fishing report we found a lot of Sockeye Salmon entering  the Kasilhof River. We got some good  catches. Also we are still catching a few King Salmon on the Kasilof.  It’ll be a week or two before King Salmon fishing on the Kasilhof picks back up.

We took a trip to Cooper Lake, in the mountains near Cooper Landing. We fished for Rainbow Trout and Arctic Char.  The weather was beautiful; we had a great day and we caught some nice fish. 

July 1st is the first day of the second opening for King Salmon on the Kenai River.  We’re all excited, looking forward to this incredible spectacle of the great Kings rushing up the river.

Next week we will be chasing the King Salmon on the Kenai River.  Lets hope we catch plenty.

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