Kasilof River Fishing Early June, 2113

The salmon and trout fishing has improved enormously here on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska since my last fishing report.  In this last week, I have been guiding anglers fishing on the Kasilof River for King Salmon and the fishing has been fairly good fishing.

Two anglers standing the river with King salmon after Alaska Kasilof river fishing
Two anglers and a King Salmon

Yesterday, I guided four anglers out on the Kasilof River and we caught three kings and lost two.  We had several other good strikes and landed three Dolly Varden and one flounder.

Next week I think the fishing should continue to be as good or better for Kasilof River fishing. As for the Kenai River, unfortunately due to the unusually warm weather, the Kenai River has been very muddy.  We thought the cloudiness was clearing a few days ago, then we got more hot weather and I’m afraid it’s getting muddy again.

My hope is that the muggy weather will clear up this week so we can fish on the Kenai river. I all depends on the type of weather we get.  We are heartened that the Kasilof River has not been affected much and is fishing darn good.  I will keep you posted here on my website as the season progresses.

Kasilof River fishing - Two anglers holding a huge King Salmon while standing in  a boat.
Two anglers and King Salmon

The Kasilof River and the Kenai River flow through the Kenai Peninsula in south Alaska. Both rivers are famous for the enormous King Salmon that enter the rivers during the Spring and Summer.  Other fish such as silver salmon, trout and huge haddock can be fished in these rivers.  The Kenai River holds the world record for the biggest King Salmon ever caught worldwide. Anglers travel to Alaska from all over the world to try their fishing skills against these great fish.

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