Kenai Fishing Seasons – End of 2014

Kenai Fishing Seasons are always very successful. In 2014, despite less King Salmon catches in the last few years, we are on track for excellent fishing in the future. We now have more responsible Kenai fisheries-management implementing additional catch and release and closures when required. Now, we are getting increased numbers of King Salmon to the spawning beds which should pay dividends in the future.

Kenai River Rainbow held by Jim and a client - Kenai Fishing Seasons
Rainbow Trout – Jim and Angler

Sockeye Salmon runs this year were great.  For the Silver Salmon run it was another amazing year with tons of fish. They were huge this year, the biggest Silvers we have seen in years. Also we had awesome Rainbow Trout fishing in the Spring and the Fall and we landed some very nice fish.

Sorry I won’t be fishing in Florida this winter. The kids are growing up and till they finish school I need to be home during the winter. Kimberly and I intend to develop the Florida fishing operation for the future. For now, I am concentrating of the Kenai fishing seasons.
Note: I want to encourage those who are planning to fish Kenai with me in 2015 to book your dates soon. We still have room in the book but the phone has been ringing and we are filling up fast. If you would like a spot in July, I still have some very good dates open that are normally full by now!
Thanks to you all for the many years of successful Kenai fishing seasons. I hope I can continue to fish with you in the future. Talk to you soon.

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