Hello Kenai River Anglers. Well it is late March here on  the Kenai and the 2024 Kenai River fishing season is fast approaching. I encourage you to get your fishing dates booked soon if you have not already. So I often get asked about the size of the different species of salmon that we catch so I wanted to give a brief  summary of the different sizes. Okay first King Salmon vary in size depending on which River we are fishing but as the Kenai River will  be closed fished for King Salmon this year due to poor returns let’s talk about the Kasilof River. So Kasilof River King Salmon will be open this year to fish for the early run hatchery King Salmon and should be decent fishing from mid may till about the third week in June. Hatchery King Salmon typically will average between 10 to 20 lbs with a few being caught up to 25 lbs. Next is Kenai River Sockeye Salmon the size of Sockeye varies from year to year but on average Kenai River Sockeye will run between 5 and 10 lbs with a few of the late run fish getting up to 11 or 12 lbs, Kasilof River Sockeye Salmon tend to run a couple pounds smaller than Kenai River Sockeye Salmon. Next Silver Salmon both on the Kenai River and the Kasilof River average between 6 to 12 lbs although late run Silver Salmon can often be up to 15 lbs and even a few being caught in the 16 and 17 lb range. Finally pink Salmon in the Kenai River and the Kasilof River average between 3 to 5 lbs but can get up to 10 lbs or close. Okay I might as well talk about Rainbow Trout as well being we do quit a few Rainbow Trout fishing trips on the Kenai River every year. So Trout have the widest rang of them all I guess I would say the average would be 2 to 4 lbs but that is so variable depending on conditions some days all smalls some days lots of bigs. On the Kenai River it is not uncommon to catch Rainbow Trout up to 10 lbs when the conditions are good and can produce fish much bigger than that. Okay well that is all I have today so give me a call and lets go fishing.

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Kenai Silver Salmon

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