Hi everyone well we made to another year and the 2022 Alaska Salmon and Trout fishing season will be here before we now it. So i am often asked what is my favorite Salmon to fish for, well let us first talk about the species I fish for we have King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon, and Pink Salmon. Okay first let’s cross Pink Salmon off the list, although they are fun to catch in my opinion they are not great table fare, also the bite just about everything and come by the millions so not much skill required to catch Pink Salmon but if you want to have non stop action and do not mind catch and release they are a great fish. Next let’s cross off Sockeye they also come by the millions and are fairly easy to catch although harder than pinks and much better table fair in fact they are fantastic and a great fish to target for filing the freezer if that is a priority, and they fight very well! Okay now it get’s hard we have King Salmon and Silver Salmon, King Salmon are our largest and most challenging Salmon to catch also the fight is fantastic, however they can be very frustrating and can require a lot of patience at times, also if your looking for freezer fish they are not a great option as we are very restricted as to what we are allowed to retain and also we think here at Jim Rusk Fishing that we should no longer be killing the large Kenai River Kings. We do still harvest the smaller Kings and we harvest Kings in May and June on the Kasilof River as we have a very healthy hatchery run of King Salmon in that river. So yes I have a great passion for King Salmon fishing but I have to pick Silver Salmon as my favorite Salmon to target, why you say well they fight hard,eat great, require skill to catch and are just beautiful fish to catch and they do not get as big as King Salmon but they get pretty darn big and on light tackle are just a blast to catch. Okay well that is my pick I love them all but Silver Salmon is my favorite!

We still have some great dates open for the 2022 season so give me a call and lets go fishing on the mighty Kenai and Kasilof Rivers in Alaska this summer.


silver salmon



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