Hello Kenai River Anglers, well it is almost April here on the Kenai and the 2024 fishing season is fast approaching. I Hope by now that you have already reserved your dates to fish with me Jim Rusk Fishing for Salmon or Trout in 2024 however if you have not there is still time and we still have a bunch of great dates open so give me a call and get your spots. Well I try to make regular posts on here but this time of year when the Kenai River is still frozen and we are still in the jaws of winter although fast becoming spring here on the Kenai, I find myself searching for things to post about. So Thought it would be fun to do another top ten list for for today I’m going to post my top ten favorite fishing pictures from the last few seasons, now most if not all of these have appeared hear on Jim Rusk Fishings website before as I don’t take near as many pics as I should anymore and the good ones always rise to the top. Anyway here we go top 10 recent pictures in no particular order.

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My Daughter last September with a nice Kenai River Silver Salmon.
Silver Salmon

Last July with a nice Limit of Sockeye Salmon.

sockeye Salmonj

A big limit of Sockeye Salmon on the middle Kenai River.
Kenai River Sockeye Salmon
Releasing a nice chrome kenai river King Salmon.
King Salmon Kenai River
a beautiful colored up Kenai River Rainbow Trout.

Rainbow Trout

A large Silver Salmon from late September Kenai River.
Silver Salmon
guided Silver Salmon fishing kenai river Alaska
Kenai River Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Big Kenai River Silver Salmon October

Silver Salmon

June Rainbow Kenai River

Rainbow Trout

Kenai River King Salmon.

King Salmon

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