Kenai River Angling July 9-15

king salmon held by a man in a boat. with a King  Salmon caught by  Kenai river angling In Alaska, Kenai River angling is as good as it gets anywhere in the world during the month of July.  Thousands of King Salmon surge up the southern beaches of the Kenai Pennisula. This past week, July 9-15, Ive been guiding angler clients fishing for the kings.   It was a slow week for the Kenai  but we still caught some nice fish but we had to work for them.

However things are looking good for angling the Kenai this week.   Sonar fish counts have been improving and everyone expects better fishing this week.

Also the large Kenai River Sockeye Salmon run is expected to hit the river this week. We have great expectations for the coming week of angling here.

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