Hello Kenai River Anglers well we are almost to mid April here on the Kenai and 2024 fishing season is fast approaching. The Kenai River is now ice free and flowing and a few of the hardcore locals have already been out fishing the upper Kenai River for Rainbow Trout and Dolly varden. The days are getting longer and the afternoon temps have been very nice on the sunny days. The Kenai River is very low but with all the melting snow she will be steadily rising. Are local lakes are still covered in ice but if we continue to get the warm temps it shouldn’t be long before the bigger lakes start to open up. I can not wait to get back out on the water and chase some Lake Trout. I just pulled a vacuum sealed Sockeye Salmon fillet out of the freezer for diner tonight, I did not count how many are left but noticed the pile is getting very small a sure indication that spring is here in Alaska. Before long it will time to start the summer harvest all over again. It is such a blessing to put beautiful Alaskan Kenai River Salmon in the the freezer every summer and I try to eat Salmon at least twice a week all winters good and so healthy. We cook our Salmon many different ways but lately i have been pan frying my Salmon in butter and Garlic so good served over some rice and quick and easy to prepare. I thaw the Salmon fillet then I will remove the skin from the fillet, next i will remove the pin bones, then I cut the salmon in to strips like a fish stick trying to get all the pieces a similar thickness. Next I melt butter in a pan then I will saut√© chopped garlic in the butter. After that just add your salmon pieces in the pan and cook it takes only a few minutes making sure not to overcook. finally remove your salmon pieces from the pan and place on a bed of rice. Finally drizzle the the garlic infused butter and garlic chunks over your salmon pieces and rice. This is such a quick and easy recipe and will not disappoint. Okay well that is all I have today, let’s go fishing on the mighty Kenai River for Salmon this summer. I highly recommend getting some Sockeye Salmon or Silver Salmon fillets in your freezer!

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Silver Salmon fishing

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