Hello Anglers so you have decided to come to Alaska this summer to fish the world famous Kenai River or maybe the Kasilof River or both. Well I am sure that it can be overwhelming  to try and decide which fishing guide service to choose. So I am here to help make your choice simple just pick the best and go with Jim Rusk Fishing! Okay well maybe it is not that simple so even if you do not pick Jim Rusk Fishing I want to share some advice with you. 2023 will be my 36th year as a fishing guide here in Alaska on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers and here are some things that I think are important when choosing a guide service. So first of all I would stay away from package deals and one stop shopping, many of the larger guide operations will want you to stay with them and fish with them both in the rivers and the ocean, the problem is you do not know who the actual guide will be. The most important variable in making the most of your days on the water is the guide, the larger outfits will typically have many guides some good some not good and none which will have vested interest in you coming back. So I recommend always choosing an owner operator so that so that you can actually book with the guide you will be fishing with. Now can I always fish everyone that books with me no but if can not take the trip I will always inform the customer of this and if I use another guide He will be one of a handful of other owner operators who have also been guiding for many years and that I have the upmost faith in providing a high quality fishing trip. So that is number one, owner operator not a big lodge. Next if your guide was not recommended to you by someone that has fished with them make sure you get references, take the time and make some calls. Next look at the number of years in business, sadly the guide industry has a large turnover and if you pick a guide with a long history in the industry the odds will be in your favor. Now once you find an owner operator wether he is a Kenai River guide or Kasilof River guide or an Ocean guide if he is a good guy he will be able to help you put that whole package together, to include all the trips your looking for and a great place to stay now you have a custom package to fit your needs best. Okay well that is my suggestions for you to have a great fishing trip here in Alaska on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers.

King Salmon

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