Hello Anglers Well it is late February here in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula it is a beautiful winter day with fresh snow on the tree’s and the sun shining. I wanted to write a short post regarding a question I often get here at Jim Rusk Fishing. So many of the fisherman who plan to spend some days with me here in Alaska on the Kenai or Kasilof Rivers, also want to do some unguided fishing on there own and wonder what type gear to bring. Well this will vary depending on what time of year my anglers are fishing with me but these are my thoughts. So if your intention is to Salmon fish on your own you most likely be fishing for Sockeye Salmon on the Kenai River or maybe the Kasilof River, if you going to be here at a time when sockeye is in the River. So you have two good options first choice you could bring a fly rod and reel something in the 9 or 10 weight size, or a medium weight spinning or bait casting setup 20 pound test is perfect either choice will work great for catching Sockeye Salmon. Now if you will be here later in the summer when the Sockeye are not Running but the Silver Salmon are then I would recommend going with the medium weight spinning rod setup and and a very good casting line such as a high quality braid this will give you the ability to fish a variety of methods. Now if you plan to do all your Salmon fishing with me on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers but would¬† like to explore some of the many lakes or smaller streams here on the Kenai Peninsula most like;ly targeting Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden then I think a great way to go would be a light spinning rod setup or if your an avid fly fisherman you could bring a fly rod of proper size for trout. One last thing if you are bringing a rod and plan to fish for Sockeye Salmon. Silver Salmon or Rainbow Trout on your own then i strongly advise bringing a quality set of waders almost a mandatory piece of gear here in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. Okay well those are my thoughts on rods to bring, now if you have not booked your guided days for the Kenai River or Kasilof River with Jim Rusk Fishing yet give me a call and get some days locked down for the 2023 season!


Sockeye Salmon

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