Hello Anglers, Well it is almost mid July here on the Kenai and the 2023 fishing season  is in full swing. So just to Recap we stayed busy in June fishing for Rainbow Trout mainly with the King Salmon closure this year, fishing was good and we had some great trips targeting Rainbow Trout on the middle Kenai River, the fishing was good and the views are always amazing. Now We are Targeting Sockeye Salmon and the fishing is improving daily and should be hot any day on both the lower Kenai River and the middle Kenai River and should stay consistent until mid August, so the next month is going to be crazy better keep the fillet knives sharp! Starting next week we will be running some Sockeye Salmon trips on the middle Kenai River up at Skilak Lake, this is a very cool fishery where we actually troll for Sockeye Salmon at the mouth of the Lake if you have never done it I highly recommend it is a blast. And I have to mention that we are just a month away from my favorite time of year on the Kenai River, Silver Salmon season, I can not wait! Okay well that is the Kenai River Fishing Report hope to see you soon for some exciting fishing on the Kenai River inn Alaska.


Sockeye Salmon

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