Hi everyone well it is mid June here on the Kenai and I have been fishing almost everyday now for a little over a month on the Kenai River and the Kasilof River and at Hidden Lake. Well im sad to report that so far King Salmon fishing has been very slow and the returns have been very poor on the Kenai as well as the Kasilof Rivers. Due to the poor returns of King Salmon both the Kenai River and the Kasilof River have been closed to King Salmon fishing. The Kasilof River will open on July 15th and the Kenai River will open on July 1st let’s hope our 2nd run of King Salmon is better than the first. Okay well now let’s talk about the positive, first we had a great time this year at Hidden Lake fishing for spring Lake Trout lots of nice chunky fish and looking very healthy. Also our first run Sockeye are showing up on the Kasilof River and the Kenai River in decent numbers and  continue to build in the next few weeks. And Rainbow Trout has opened on the Kenai River on June 11th and should be good fishing for the next few weeks, always one of my favorite trips of the year. Also I have been hearing good reports from the saltwater guides that the Halibut and bottom fish have been good. Well that is the report for now here on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers in Alaska.Kenai River

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