Hi everyone well it is all most July here in Alaska and fishing is the mission. So as you probably know the first run Kenai River King Salmon fishing was closed due to poor returns and the Kasilof River was also closed so we have been targeting Sockeye Salmon and Rainbow Trout. King Salmon fishing on the Kenai River will open back up to catch and release on July 1st and we are looking forward to that. Anyway so Sockeye has not been hot but we have been getting a few fish on the Kenai River and that fishery will continue to get better thru July and into August, However the Sockeye fishing on the Kasilof River is starting to be pretty good and should also get better in the next few weeks. In my opinion tho the best and most fun trip I have been doing is Kenai River Rainbows, we have been doing some super fun Trophy Rainbow Trout trips, with some nice big Rainbows each time I have went as well as lots of medium size Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. Combined with the amazing weather we have had this summer here on the Kenai it has made for some very enjoyable fishing trips. Quite often when people here that a particular fishing trip is catch and release there first reaction is negative but if I can get them in the boat they always end up having a great time and come to appreciate the joy of releasing a beautiful wild fish back in to the River I think that in this day in age we need to all as anglers learn to embrace the joy of fishing without the expectation of having to kill. Do not miss understand me i am all for harvesting a fish for table fare when the opportunity  is there but I do not let that dictate when I fish or base harvest  on the success of a given trip. Okay well that is the fishing report here in Alaska on the mighty Kenai River in Alaska..Rainbow Trout

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