Hi everyone well it is late July here in Alaska on the Kenai and fishing is the mission. Well King Salmon fishing has closed for the season and it is on to Silver Salmon soon but until the Silver Salmon hit the Kenai River in good numbers we will be continuing to target Sockeye Salmon. The Kenai River Sockeye Salmon run has been around 20,000 to 40,ooo per day which is enough to get limits but not red hot however any day we should see some big numbers of Sockeye Salmon entering the Kenai River. Also Pink Salmon should start entering the Kenai River in big numbers very soon and although they are not as tasty as our other Salmon they are good fighters and very easy to catch they are a great fish to target when we have young anglers on the boat as the action is always fast! Trophy Rainbow Trout have moved into the lower Kenai and the bite is starting to improve and should get very good soon. So just to recap King Salmon has ended, Sockeye Salmon is in full swing, Silver Salmon will be any day and Pink Salmon will be will be any day. Trophy Rainbow Trout are here and the fishing is improving daily. We have lots of open dates so give us a call and lets go fishing!


red salmon fishing

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