Hello Anglers well I survived another crazy July, as you probably know we had a poor King Salmon season this year and did not get to fish them near as much as normal however during the first couple weeks in July we did have some very good days King Salmon fishing and released some very nice fish, but sadly the season was closed early to ensure all returning King Salmon made it to the spawning beds. However despite a poor King Salmon  run we are enjoying a crazy Sockeye Salmon return, they have been coming in big numbers for weeks know, and are still pushing in everyday. We had one day that 180,000 past the counter making for some crazy fishing. Sockeye Salmon has been so good that we have not targeted Silver Salmon yet but I will probably start trying for Silver Salmon very soon, we have caught a few Silver Salmon while Sockeye fishing so I am fairly confident that we will have success on our first Silver Salmon trip. Rainbow Trout fishing is starting to heat up and should be good thru out the fall, my daughter released a beauty about 10 to 12 lbs while fun fishing last night, what a sweet fish! Pink Salmon have not came in big numbers yet but will most likely show up in force any day. Well that is the fishing report from here in Alaska on the mighty Kenai River!

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