Hello Kenai River Anglers, well the Silver Salmon just keep coming and it looks like we are going to have one of those years where we have great Silver Salmon fishing well in to October. If you’re still wanting to get some great eating Salmon for the freezer you still have time to get out on the Ken ai River and harvest some awesome silver Salmon. It has been A great run of Silver Salmon in the Kenai River and all indications are that the great fishing is going to continue well in to October this year. Also as a bonus we are getting some giant Silver Salmon as of late, we do not the there monsters every tear in the Kenai River but we are this year and now is the best time to catch one. The last week or so we have been catching some very large Silver Salmon so give me a call and lets go fishing for some giant Kenai River Silvers here in Alaska on the Kenai River!


Silver Salmon

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