Hi everyone well We are now well in to August here on the Kenai River in Alaska and fishing has been good but different! We normally would be targeting Silver Salmon everyday by now, However we have had the bigest run of Sockeye Salmon here on the Kenai River that we have had in many years. So we have been taking advantage of the liberal six Sockeye Salmon limit and mostly fishing for Sockeye Salmon as it has been so good. Although we have targeted Silver Salmon several times and the fishing has been slower than normal but we have caught Silver Salmon every time and the Silvers have been nice size for August Silvers. Silver Salmon should continue to improve every day going forward for a while now. Trophy Rainbow Trout fishing has also been very good on the Kenai River. Silver Salmon fishing on the Kasilof River is also improving everyday and should continue to build in strength the next few weeks. Okay well that is the fishing report for the Kenai River and the Kasilof River here in Alaska.

Silver Salmon

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