Well you have decided to head north this summer to the great state of Alaska for some Salmon fishing. And hopefully you have chosen the Kenai river as your destination in Alaska. Well I would like to go over some key things that you should bring with you to help you maximize your angling experience here on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers in Alaska. First of all, and this especially aplies to folks comming from southern climates, make sure that bring plenty of warm clothing. Any Kenai or Kasilof fishing guide can tell story after story of having to cut short charters for King or Silver Salmon early because his or her clients were not prepared for the sometimes harsh Alaskan weather. If you show in a t shirt and shorts you will be miserable. Even on the warmest days of the summer early mornings will be Quite brisk. So brink plenty of layers to include long underware long pants a sweatshirt and a warm coat also a stocking hat is a good idea. Next and this is very important you must have a quality set of rain gear I can’t stress this enough, Here on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers we have many days over the coarse of the summer while we are fishing for King Salmon and Silver Salmon that we get significant amounts of rain and wind, and let me tell you once you get wet it is over your dream Alaska Salmon charter is ruined you will be cold and miserable at best or worse yet forced to end the charter early. All of our Guide boats here at Jim Rusk Fishing are set up so that each angler has plenty of dry storage so don’t sell yourself short, you can always take layers off but you can’t put them on if you don’t have them. Next on the other end of the spectrum some days can be quite warm and due to our northern location and proximity to the sun the glare on the water can be very intense so good items to have would also include sun screen, sun glasses and a ball cap all will add to your enjoyment as you spend your day on the Kenai or Kasilof angling for Salmon or Trout. Here at Jim Rusk Fishing we always give an honest day on the water so bring something to drink and a lunch as it can be a long day and you want to have your strength for battling that mighty Kenai River King or trophy Silver or maybe a monster Rainbow Trout. Well I hope that you find this information useful and I hope that you take it to heart be prepared for whatever Alaska weather throws at you and you will find your angling experience Here on Alaska’s Kenai and Kasilof rivers an enjoyable one.

silver salmon
anglers bundled up in warm layers and rain gear.

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