Kenai River Sonar Fish Counting July 16-21

An angler standing in a boat on the Kenai River holding a huge King Salmon. Sonar fish count  record
Man and Huge Salmon on Kenai River, Alaska

Sonar Fish Counting System recorded great fish traffic coming up the Kenai River.  On Tuesday we had a record number for a single day of fish passing past the sonar counter – 246,392. As of today there are about 900,000 fish up the river and they’re still coming. 

The Alaska department of Wildlife and other organizations operate counting projects to count the numbers of migrating fish. They use weirs, sonars and counting towers in a number of streams throughout Alaska.

With the bait resrictions we have had to work hard for every bite.My angler clients and I fished the Kenai River everyday last week. We fished for both Sockeye Salmon and Silver Salmon.

The Kenai King salmon fishing was again fairly slow, although we did catch some very nice fish.  Sockeye fishing this week has been very good.   One more week of king salmon fishing left ; then we will be in the silver salmon and rainbow trout season.

Let’s hope the sonar fish counting and other counting methods keep showing record number of fish.

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