Salmon preparation and care

How to care for your catch and other useful information courtesy of Alaska department of fish and game. From field, to fillet, to freezer – Caring for your Catch. July is prime fishing time in Alaska. And salmon are arguably … Continue reading

Kenai Peninsula fishing report June 1 2019

Hi everyone well we are in full fishing mode here on the Kenai in Alaska. Last weekend over the holiday I guided Anglers for Lake Trout on Hidden Lake on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and fishing was very good, … Continue reading

Kenai River Kasilof River 2019

Alaska Fishing License Information License Frequently Asked Questions In Alaska, a license is required to participate in hunting and trapping; sport, commercial, and personal use fishing; and sport fish guiding or hunting guiding. A number of different licenses are available … Continue reading

Kenai River and Kasilof River Fishing report 2019

Well I’m very happy to report that the 2019 fishing season has begun and I have my first trip of the season in the books. On Friday April 26th I took two fisherman\ to Hidden Lake on the Kenai National … Continue reading

Kenai and Kasilof River 2019

King Salmon General Description The Chinook salmon is the largest of all Pacific salmon, typically measuring 36 inches in length, often exceeding 30 pounds. Adults are distinguished by the black irregular spotting on the back and dorsal fins and on … Continue reading