Pine Island Fishing – Persistence Pays Off

Hi everyone,

Man holding a huge redfish. Pine Island fishing
Happy man and his Redfish

Well the weather here in sunny Fort Myers florida has just been fabulous, after several weeks of cold fronts and below average temperatures this last few days have been just perfect.

Now as far as the fishing report it has been a little slow most likely due to cold water temps and poor tides, however if you fish hard and are patient you will most likely be rewarded for your effort. Yesterday was a prime example of this we left the dock at Punta rassa about 9am, the livewell was full of nice baits and expectations were high. The skies were sunny and the winds calm perfect conditions on Pine Island sound.

However as we began to fish it became apparent that the fish were not going to make it easy. I told my guys just be patient and good things will happen, I continued trying different spots and moving frequently trying to get something going. With late afternoon fast approaching and not to much to show for our efforts I decided to to make one more move.

Now set up on one of my favorite oyster bars we began to wait. all of the sudden out of nowhere a lone Redfish strikes and we land our first quality fish of the day. Then ten minutes later we land a huge Redfish wow what a scraper he was. A while more we get another nice Redfish, and then just as we are getting ready to head back we hook and land a nice big fat speckled trout. What a day on Pine Island sound here in sunny Fort Myers Florida.

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