Kenai River Silver Salmon

Kenai River Silver Salmon fishing charters

Kenai Silver Salmon

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Kenai River Silver Salmon charters.  Each august cohoe or more commonly known as silvers begin to enter the kenai and continue to run through October their known for their incredible acrobatics and reel smoking runs its know wonder they are a favorite among locals.


Kenai River Silver Salmon season is my favorite time of year there’s just something about it that is so special. Maybe its the crisp fall air or the autumn colors, perhaps its the quiet that sets in on the river after a busy King season is over. Or those beautiful chrome silvers dancing on top of the water while eagles fly overhead. Or first light of the day peeking thru the tree tops and piercing down through a foggy mist which blankets the river. Whatever it is, or maybe it’s a combination of all these things and so much more. all I really know is it’s just my favorite time of year and if you come and join me it might be yours too.

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